Thursday, January 13, 2011

Golden Age Skull

Artisans come in many forms and work in a variety of mediums and tend to not get the credit they deserve. Every now and then you get to come across something so intriguing that it just begs for attention. Take a look at this golden age of metal working style of skull. Go and scour your favorite scrap yard or flea market and think of how individual pieces could be assembled into something this cool. I dig the crystal skulls of lore, skulls painted on walls, skulls tattooed on the masses but the intricate cast metalwork of this skull bring it to a whole new level of appreciation.

Yo TBC Chassis Works and Brown Dog Welding, here is a gauntlet thrown down for yall and to anyone else. Got any found objects that could be put together to rival this metal skull? Damn this could be a solid challenge for all of us to come up with something.

More intricate metal work from Bellino Alain