Friday, January 21, 2011

HellRide Music - Joe Buck, Flat Tires Split 7" Review

We never got word that this review came out for the Joe Buck Yourself and Flat Tires Split 7", so read on folks as its a damn good assessment of the record. Also stoked on the review of record as a whole. We pride ourselves on great packaging and that stems from good design and quality illustrations. No janky or half assed shit will ever be produced or released by Rusty Knuckles.

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"Common allies in the dirt-merchant rock n’ roll battalion, sleazy renegade country rocker Joe Buck (oft referred to as Joe Buck Yourself) teams up with the rowdy, Hickory punk miscreants Flat Tires, for this slick little piece of translucent blue vinyl. One live cut from each act, and all equivalent to the business end of a sawed-off shotgun.

The performances are spirited and spot-on, the recording quality is top-notch (especially Flat Tires), and the hand drawn artwork for the sleeve is of graphic novel intricacy minus the presence of color. All of these elements combine for a release that is far from the “warmed over leftovers” aspect of some 7” splits. Renegade Kentucky shit hammer Joe Buck is a name I’ve heard for years. He was in the Legendary Shack Shakers, a band I’ve heard of but have never heard. He has played with Hank III, and has attained a cult like status. You can hear it his followers throughout the live recording of “Planet Seeth,” as the crowd is more than willing to get involved with his drunken, rambling vocal spew. There’s an equal helping of punk’s pacing and general fuck you attitude, to go along with the twang-y Southern guitar licks, and you can feel the live energy coming through on the recording.

After all these years he has finally got my attention, and “Planet Seeth” is a keeper through and through that perfectly matches the live version of Flat Tires’ “Drink it Dry (from the All the Right Enemies release)”. Damn do I want to see these NC boys live, as this version of “Drink it Dry” is an amps to 11, balls to the wall display of raucous, barroom brawling Southern punk fury. GG, Black Flag, and Antiseen could all be cited as influences, but FT lays down the gospel with a style and delivery that is 100% their own deal. They nail it here, and continue to prove why I’m a proud banner waver of their particular brand of stinking drunk, down home punk.

This is a short and to the point release showcasing the live fury of each of these bruisers. You can smell the sweat, taste the beer, and have your ears ring all in the comfort of your very own domicile. No punches pulled, no chins left without a fist mark, and not an ounce of pretense to be found anywhere. Best served with a glass of 101 proof Wild Turkey, and two packs of Reds."

- Jay Snyder