Tuesday, January 18, 2011

She Rides - Tour Dates

“she rides is touring again here are the dates. come hangout if you know of a good place to play near any of the shows not already booked get let me know. this is the route so far. I have a ton of backup routes so it all depends on who gets back to me first. as of right now this is it."

- George, She Rides

03/11 Providence, RI @ the 201
03/13 philly, PA @house show!!
03/14 richmond, VA @ the triple
03/15 Atlanta, GA @ The Music Room
03/16 new orleans, LA/baton rouge, LA (house show!)
03/17 Houston, TX @ the mink with us and trucks, ghost town electric
03/18 austin, TX @ SXSW
03/19 austin, TX @ dirty dog (rusty knuckles showcase)
03/20 austin, TX/midland, TX @SWSW or ????
03/21 Las Cruces, NM with Green Lady Killers
03/22 Tucson, AZ with Green Lady Killers
03/23 Phoenix, AZ with Green Lady Killers
03/24 ?????????? where should be play between phoenix and san diego?
03/25 San Diego, CA hopefully with vultures united
03/26 Los Angeles, CA
03/27 San Francisco, CA/Oakland, CA
03/28 Fresno, CA/goleta, CA03/29 bakersfield, CA
03/30 Riverside, CA03/31 las vegas, NV
04/01 Flagstaff, AZ
04/02 albuquerque, NM @HOUSE SHOW!
04/03 amarilla, TX/Oklahoma City, OK/tulsa, OK
04/04 Tulsa, OK
04/05 Fayetteville, AR w/ soy city strangers?
04/06 Springfield,IL w/ soy city strangers?
04/07 Chicago, IL w/ soy city strangers?
04/08 Cleveland, OH (hopefully @now that's class)
04/09 Buffalo, NY04/10 Albany, NY
04/11 Brattleboro, VT04/12 Lowell, MA
04/13 Boston, MA04/14 worcester, MA
04/15 Providence, RI @ 201?

let us sleep on your floor the van sucks.
If you can hook up a show in or around any of these places get in touch!!!”

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