Monday, January 17, 2011

Green Lady Killers - Featured in Phoenix's New Times

By now most of you already know that the Green Lady Killers are about to sweep the nation with their new video for "My .45", but check out another one of their songs featured in a 2010 top list section. Jay Bennet of the Phoenix New Times sends them a solid accolade and damn if it isn't deserved. Read his posting below from the New Times site or click over to it and check the other bands as well.

"Power" by the Green Lady Killers: The stock of this local power trio is on the rise: a walloping new record, a West Coast tour, and a recent label deal. Their 2010 Just Fine record features a radio-ready sound and a breakout vocal performance by leader Lady Van Buren. And they're nice ladies, to boot. Rumor has it they're setting their sights on the coast, so check 'em out while Phoenix can still claim them.

- Jay Bennet

Phoenix New Times - Featuring Green Lady Killers

Power by Green Lady Killers