Saturday, January 1, 2011

Louisville Vintage Motorworks

I tend to hit up all kinds of events as I am a dedicated fiend for all that is mechanical. About a hundred miles away we have a land speed racing track called Maxton and going out there to check out cars and bikes is always a damn good time. Thus the reason for my current racing build with my Buell. More on the progress of that build soon enough.

What gets me thinking though, is when you happen to shoot a photo of vehicle, chat with the folks and then end up seeing them on tv at a later time. This happened with Louisville Vintage Motorworks as I took some photos of the Vincent they were racing and then I happened to catch them on Cafe Racer TV. Its those everyday folks that take the time out to chat with ya and have no attitude about anything and later on realizing that they are probably the best damn mechanics on Vincents this side of the Atlantic. Nothing like meeting folks that are salt of the earth and could fill your head with so much practical knowledge on Vincents. Maybe one day I will get my hands on the best that Britain has to offer on two wheels.

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