Friday, February 12, 2010

JJ2S X4 500 - Polish StreetFighter

Found this bike through various links online and eventually found their site. Check out the ideas they have for their vision of a streetfighter. The lines and design of this bike are top notch and everything feels fit in the right place. The motor is unlike anything I have seen and reminds of a radial engine, but is used as a stress member. Looking forward to seeing some video clips of the sound and ride of this machine.

Found these two translations to help explain the engine configuration:

"I am from Poland and I’ll try to explain how the engine works. It is a bit complex. Basically it works as a 2 stroke – each cylinder delivers power once a turn of crankshaft. However the crankshaft and the crankcase are closed and lubricated normally with dry sump system as in 4 stroke engines. The X4 engine is combining the efficiency of a 2stroke engine and it has reduced pollution. Furthermore the engine has less vibration on high rpm than in lower rpm. It is using a special crank design.

The prototype of this engine is actually working – they have build a small, one cylinder 5cc engine to prove the design is good, and the small engine is fully operative. Now the are working on a 125cc version, and after that they will try to build the X4, 500cc, ~100 HP version. It will be equipped with direct fuel injection system."

"I would like to add something. The basic design of the engine is similar to a big, marine, diesel engines. Those are also two stroke but they are lubricated in a normal way, as in 4 stroke engines. The main difference is that those big ship engines need to be supercharged to work. And the X4 engine has a special self-charging system. The air and the fuel mixture are pre-charged there and when the piston opens the port it rushes into the combustion chamber and the exhaust gases leave. Then the mixture is compressed, ignited by a spark plug etc."

JJS Design - Poland