Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spotify Launches In The US, Bands and Fans Should Be Stoked!

It's official, Spotify is now available in the US with its streaming subscription service. We as music fans, musicians, labels and overall consumers should be stoked. Not only is it another service to help level the playing field that Itunes has dominated but it also does it in a highly integrated format that makes it stupid simple for users. Here is also another perk for bands, a quote from the New York Times

"Last year, Spotify paid about $60 million in royalties; that made it the second-largest source of digital revenue for European record labels, after iTunes, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

'Spotify are currently one of our top digital partners globally by revenue, and that is with them only being open in seven European territories,' said Simon Wheeler, the director of digital for the Beggars Group, an independent label group whose artists include Adele and Vampire Weekend. 'I expect them to be second or third place this year for us."

Go sign up and change how you use and interact with digital music and help bands to get paid for writing the tunes we all dig.