Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grab A Tiger By The Tail

As often as you can see a tiger tattoo do you really think you know the symbolism on the animal in Asian lore? Strength and pride are generally indicative of a lion but a tiger has a distinct prowess that is all about sensuality and lingers heavily around the libido. For example, one quote online states that "Tigers make ardent and virile lovers who dominate their partners. Because of their sensuality, their impetuousness and love of adventure, there is an excitement that not only follows Tigers wherever they go, but also guarantees them a certain irresistible sexy allure. These creatures whose emotions are out-front have strong libidos and are lusty in their passions. Generally flirtatious, they are especially prone to wild flings in their early years but do settle down as they get older. When committed to a happy and fulfilling relationship, Tigers make loving and caring partners, warm-hearted and generous. They don't, however, lose that romantic streak nor that exciting ability to surprise."

With this notion in mind does a tiger tattoo make sense on a man, woman or do we just need to bottle it's pheromones and have a deodorant that will make even Ron Burgundy jealous? Well that is for you to be the judge and we are just here to give you the facts and clue yall in to world at large.

Found these images online as they go quite well with our subject matter at hand, the paintings are by Isabel Samaras.