Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RUSTYMETRIC Is Launching Monday - 8.1.11

Surely you have seen magazines getting slimmer and slimmer and wondering what the hell happened. Nope, don't blame this one on Al Gore or any other environmentalist. The basic fact is that more can be done online for cheaper and be updated readily. For all intensive purposes print magazines will be dead in a few years and so will most music outlets besides streaming media. There will be even smaller quantities of both printed magazines and music, while online interactivity through e-books, websites and streaming media will grow exponentially. We still love our printed magazines but the medium just can't keep up with online news which outdates mags instantly. We know you will be stoked with RUSTYMETRIC as it's been a long time coming and content is bursting at the seams from worldwide contributors. Also, the new digital magazine is the perfect outlet to focus on new music. So to answer a few folks questions, each issue will come with FREE Mp3s and from a variety of sounds.