Thursday, July 7, 2011

Heavy Rebel Weekender 2011

Every year that we have been attending the Heavy Rebel Weekender, which is for the last three years, it seems to be growing quite nicely. The car and bike show on Saturday has more attendees and more rides and on this past Saturday night, the main hall seemed to be more packed than in years past. This makes us quite proud as our booth is directly across from the main stage so we get to see all the action front and center. Unfortunately we then miss out on all the bands and burlesque that are also going on downstairs, unless we can run down and catch a few minutes of certain sets.

Another aspect we have been noticing more at shows are the amount of custom built metric bikes and this is a sign of the times. Not only is tough out there to be able to buy and customize bikes, but why spend so much money on a build when you can get a great run around town bike on the cheap and really put some creativity into it. We enjoy all things motorized and seeing some of the cool rides that showed up between cages and bikes was bad ass. I have seen enough retro 60's and 70's "period correct" rides to last a lifetime. What I dig seeing is just something different and innovative that shows skill and a testament to craftsmanship. Yes, this is asking a lot, but so does life so make it unique and make it your own regardless of trends.

We did one thing this year that could have gotten us into hot water but we timed it out and went for broke. While the mainstage was breaking down between sets, I noticed that there was consistently a 15 minute lull before the next sound check. I rounded up the posse and we set up a PA and got it all mic'd and soundchecked as the best we could and had impromptu shows in between the main stage bands. We made sure to not interfere with their sound checks so we wouldn't get shut down and the powers that be let it ride. Some of the sound levels could have been tidied up a bit better but Sammy is going to give me the run down on the PA and we will have it nailed for the next show hijacking. Look out Muddy Roots fest, we have quite a bit up our sleeve so be ready for late night shows with Hellbound Glory, Ronnie Hymes, Southbound Turnaround and quite a few more special guests stoked to play the secret "Rusty Knuckles Stage".

After all was said and done from the weekend we saw quite a few stand out sets from Jayke Orvis, James Hunnicutt, Southbound Turnaround, Ronnie Hymes, Octane Saints, Ten Foot Polecats and the swamp pounding sound of Confused Little Girls. Missed out on sets from the Dielectrics, The Defilers and God Damn Gallows but hopefully we can see all of them sooner than later.

Huge thanks to Mike Martin, Dave Quick and Courtney Southern for puttin' on one hell of a shindig year after year. See ya next year with a bigger booth, more bands and a few more rabbits up our sleeve.

Scotty P of Crank County Daredevils jammin' with his new outfit Southbound Turnaround