Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jon Ruby Photography Shoots Some Hot Ladies

The beauty about attending a lot of events throughout the year is being able to meet random folks and finding out what makes them tick. When we are in the booth or the bands are on stage people meander through and stop in to peruse the merch and music to find out what we are about as a whole. I truly enjoy the random diatribe and the cool folks we end up meeting. Its these types of conversations that lead to new projects, bands to check out and overall a sense of what the hell is shakin' with folks from all walks of life.

One of those interesting folks who happened to stop by our booth the other day was a photographer from Atlanta by the name of Jon Ruby. We kept his business card and looked him up and damn if he doesn't have an eye especially with the ladies. If you are in the ATL and looking for a photographer, give Jon a shout as he has some great work and an eye for detail.
Jon Ruby Photography