Monday, July 4, 2011

Hellbound Glory and Ronnie Hymes Featured on FREE Downloadable Comp From "Give Me My XXX"

Folks, do yourself a favor and go sign up at so you can download a bitchin' new FREE compilation supporting bands that put the outlaw in country music. Punk rock doesn't exist as its a fading memory of rebellion but where true DIY ethos and shit kickin' are getting done is in real country music. Shooter Jennings has given Hellbound Glory a lot of radio play over on the Outlaw Country channel via Sirius/XM satellite radio. Now we need to get more play from Jay Berndt, Ronnie Hymes, Joe Buck and one of our newest bands about to come on board with Rusty Knuckles, Southbound Turnaround, featuring Scotty from Crank County Daredevils. Please help to support a genre which has a hard time being heard on traditional FM Radio due to the corporate machine of NashVegas dictating radio play of stations nation wide. and Black Country Rock are proud to present 'Southern Independent, Vol. 1' the first official XXX compilation, absolutely FREE. All you have to do is register an account with us and download the compressed archive file to your hard drive, and crank it up!"

'Southern Independent, Vol. 1'

1. Road to Hattiesburg / Robert Earl Reed
2. Southern Family Anthem / Shooter Jennings
3. Introducing Drake Savage / Slackeye Slim
4. Carolina Sunshine / Dallas Moore featuring Jody Payne
5. City of Shame / Rachel Brooke
6. Skateland Baby / Jimbo Mathus
7. The Fall / Fifth On The Floor
8. Guilty Until Proven Innocent / Last False Hope
9. Road Bound / Bob Wayne
10. I'm Bitter / J.B. Beverley and Ronnie Hymes
11. Used To Be A Cop / Drive-By Truckers
12. Rusted Up Old Pickup Trucks / Hellbound Glory