Monday, July 18, 2011

Rank Your Favorite Music with

I once had a friend tell me that there is no good music anymore and I quickly started to laugh. Not at his comment but the assumption that music simply sucks as of late. This couldn't be further from the truth as we are now trying to decipher from the onslaught of music portals, bands coming out the wazoo and more access to via online media. With the amount of bands proliferating online though it is hard to find something that fits into your mindset of what you dig. E-commerce has changed our mindset about how we shop with the "you may also like" references at the bottom of the page you are browsing. This sort of music discovery is the pinnacle to all future referencing as its as basic as eharmony's commercials for finding your "soul mate". Just fill in the data and talk about what type of bands and sounds you like then the data algorithm's will do all the work for you and suggest new bands. Crazy to think that is how we are becoming wired for finding new bands but its the way things are progressing, so use the nerd driven data to your advantage and find those new bands to dig into.

This all leads to a new site I stumbled across the other day. Its called or in their company mantra "The Cheat Sheet For Music Discovery". The premise is quite easy. Type in a band name and see how they are ranked. Magically look down to the bottom left of the page and you will see "similar artists". Once again a suggestion style of link is shown. This musical referencing is ultimately the way new bands will be found and made popular, so go onto this site and Rank every Rusty Knuckles band you can find so we can get more folks out to shows. Quit being lazy online fans and make something happen. Hell get on there and be the first to rank ANTiSEEN's page Maybe just maybe we will hold an end of summer contest to promote this...
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