Saturday, July 16, 2011

Uncle Critic Reviews She Rides - Buy The Ticket

Check out the review of the latest She Rides EP - Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride over on

"She Rides new EP; ‘Buy The Ticket’ is here by way of Rusty Knuckles you’ve got some dirty rock metal music here. Four songs that will keep you going for thirteen minutes. It’s the music you drink whiskey and have fun too. Metal riffs are a plenty in this EP but you’ve also got some vocals that are almost out of garage rock. This reminds me like a more down, dirty and in the mud version of ZZ Top on speed. You metal heads will be into this one, still with the rockers. If you like your music balls out and with plenty of riffs be sure to give this one a spin.

‘Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride’ Sweet sweet metal riffs are played through this one as it kicks you on the scene. You’ll be having fun the entire time you’re listening to this one or you may not have a pulse.
‘Party In The Piss Kitchen’ Even more metal than the previous song this is a fucking bucket of fun with razorblades. This is the shit you turn on at 4am when you’re still up and trying to party and all the losers have gone to sleep.

‘Oh Providence’ A little slower than the previous songs, the rock side of the band really shows here as the metal takes a back seat. Surprisingly that’s not a bad thing; I think I actually dig this song even more than the others.

‘Woah Dude!’ Sporting the best song title of the EP it’s also the longest song on here. Unfortunately it’s the worst song, but luckily that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Someone’s gotta be at the end of the list; this song happens to be but it’s still a great song. I wanna crank this one up and head down the road.

1. Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
2. Party In The Piss Kitchen
3. Oh Providence
4. Woah Dude!"