Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jay Berndt Sings Waylon For Jessica - Update

It has been no secret that we have a great project brewing with Jay Berndt and it should receive quite a few accolades. Jay started this project pure and simple, as a gift. From that honest background and recording the songs in his Moto Destructo he was able to take the time and refine his ideas about giving the songs his own twist and sound. We think Shooter Jennings and Waylon fans world wide will be excited about this album.

What is equally amazing about this album is not that Jay simply smokes on the recording of the songs and gives them his own feel. Biggest thing though is that he doesn't stray too far from the path of the originals and still makes the lyrics resonate in an oh so damn warm and ready to played a million times again kind of way. We are proud to be working with Jay and have been a fan of his going on 14 years now.

This album will primarily be a downloadable version until this fall and available through Itunes, Amazon, etc. but for the fans that really want to dig into Jay Berndt's catalog, we have roughly 300 versions that will be available on cd and for FREE but only with the purchase of Sad Bastard Songs. Yep, you heard us right, FREE. Huge shout out to Michael Chevalier for once again doing some killer artwork for the cover. Later this fall we will be releasing the album world wide through our distributors. But for now, to get this amazing cd you will have to double down on Jay Berndt and become a convert like many already have. 

We are announcing this to get the word out, "Jay Berndt Sings Waylon for Jessica" will be available in a few weeks once the cds are ready to roll off the press.

Jay Berndt - Lonesome On'ry and Mean by RustyKnuckles