Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ronnie Hymes At Sandhill Music Center

It's easy to think that most live music shows are at clubs, bars and large venues, but those are only the general public hears about. If you want to get out and really see where some acts are playing check into guitar clinics, impromptu jam sessions and in store appearances. Damn if I don't miss Amoeba in California and all the in-store performances they had to offer, while suckin' you in with their endless rows of vinyl, cds, dvds posters and just about anything else music related. Amoeba's in-store appearances in their San Francisco location included having a built in stage which would showcase world music to punk rock and hip hop. Glad to see that some stores still believe in this type of promotion and we thank Sand Hills Music Center for hosting Ronnie Hymes on Friday night. Also thanks to Tams Higgins for being there to snap off a few photos.