Monday, July 25, 2011

RUSTYMETRIC Goes Live On August 1st

We have been working non stop for weeks and planning for months on an idea that spans all of our endeavors. To be honest it all stems from boredom. Yep, we hate being bored and more or less this evolves out of reading the same old rehashed crap in most motorcycle and hot rod magazines. Sure the photos are cool, but I want stories with depth and good writing that dig into each character. Don't just give the potential readers some implied ideas about this or that with nothing but spelling errors and bad grammar or shitty content.

As the world moves forward things cost more and you get less. Well, it's time for that to change as we are now in the digital age. If you don't think you can keep up, you are certainly reading this aren't you? This means you understand how to operate a computer, pull up a website and peruse away. Now we are going to ask a bit more of you. That being, we are going to ask you to download for $0.99 a digital magazine in pdf format, which will also be in e-publications such as ipads, kindles, smartphones, etc etc within a few months. Take it go with ya while traveling, download it from the and will also soon be on itunes for streaming download.

Yes the way of the future is here when it comes to motorized and music content. We are pushing to higher ground with some features no where else available and once you see it in action, forget about traditional magazines as they are drying up as we speak. Why pay $5 to $7 bucks an issue when you can get it for less than a dollar. Less overhead means better content as we can pay photographers, writers and creative individuals to get more involved. Last but not least, we are also going to be including MP3s with every issue.

So yes, we are a bit crazy to offer something this time consuming and unique. Guess what? This is from us being bored with the current magazine selection and wanting to up the ante to give folks a taste of what is really going on. Tune in, read on and rock the hell out. RUSTYMETRIC is about to start turning some serious heads.