Sunday, May 16, 2010

Travel Purchases - Vintage Style Helmet & Doorbell

I am the kind of person that really digs traversing the random avenues and alleyways of places I have never been to. At times it has lead me into some sketchy areas but that is what builds character as you find more of it in those places. Here are two random examples of things I didn't think I needed but after seeing the price tags and thinking about how I haven't ever seen something this similar on my travels I had to have them. The first is a german styled military helmet covered in leather. Not a high grade of leather but it's decent and has a cool look which will perfectly match my cb650 cafe racer, oh yeah the goggles even came with it.

The other item is a solid brass door bell in which I looked high and low for, well for finding one at a decent price. So many places had them with seriously inflated prices, then I look into a window and a store had it for half the price of the other places. I didn't hesitate and ran right in to purchase it. What could be cooler than a brass lion as a door bell, or better yet as an accessory piece on my dyna.