Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wrench Works - Custom Motorcycles

Life is best lived on the road and good friends are a testament to that. Last summer on Cycle Source's Big Mountain Run I happened to get in a random conversation with a dude just pulling into the parking lot of the Wheels Through Time museum where we were camping. We ended up shootin' the shit and a year a later still chat all the time. That dude's name is Josh and damn if he doesn't build some killer bikes. He has absolute style and finesse in his approach letting the bikes do all the talking. Here are some photos I took the other day of his latest build which is going to be featured in a few national magazines coming up later this year. Pour over the details of this bike on the Big Mountain Run and also at the Smokeout, a bitchin' ride for sure.

More photos on Rusty Knuckles flickr