Monday, December 27, 2010

The Infamous Green Lady

How often does it happen that art imitates life and we are then left to understand exactly where the intersection began. Our departure point on this matter goes back to an early to mid twentieth century painter by the name of Vladimir Tretchikoff. Ever heard of him? I hadn't either until recently and damn, this is my field of business. Maybe his imagery has caught your eye though, as he was considered the king of pop art kitsch during his heyday. Hell for that matter, his gallery shows outsold Picasso in attendance.

What really concerns this discussion is the intersection, of said notion and a person in particular, who from a young age had a fear of a Green Lady that emanated from deep in the bowels of her closet. The infamous Green Lady was said to have had glowing eyes and waited for her victims to fall asleep to do her bidding and accompanied by two other nefarious evil doers.

Fast forward a few years and childhood friends grow up to start a band and seek out a name for their musical endeavors. What helps to push their potential band name along is the fact that a print is hung on the wall of one of their apartments and a fire breaks out and it is one of the only pieces to remain unscathed. This print is one of the infamous pieces by Tretchikoff and is linked to the memories of a nefarious closet hiding menace.

What better way to fight off the unknown than by channeling a fire that is inborn. With a name at hand and a sense of purpose derived from unseen forces, the Green Lady Killers were born. Thank you Tretchikoff for illustrating the demons to which later became the fuel to fire a band which is poised to set a trail ablaze for 2011.

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The Green Lady and her two accomplices painted by Vladimir Tretchikoff