Monday, December 27, 2010

The Real Freddy Krugger

Would the real Freddy Krugger please stand up? Yes, thank you, he is a bike builder not a hollywood nightmare fictional character in which Johnny Depp gets his first major role or becomes a never ending franchise.

The real Fred Krugger is without a doubt one of the most innovative engineering bike builders working today. Besides winning the 2010 AMD World Championship of Bike Building he has been on the podium in years past and featured in many other magazines and noted showcases.

What really sets him apart is his simple attention to detail. By attending any bike show and anywhere you may travel you see a lot of custom bikes that are simply assembled. Maybe they made custom handlebars, maybe they added unique welded fender never before seen done in aluminum foil or maybe they just matched a style from the past. Whatever it may be, the wheat is always separated from the chaff and here lies a person such as Fred Krugger.

His attention to detail and downright conviction when it comes to the equilibrium of function and form is unequivocal. Its guys like this that make me rethink every wrench I turn or every weld I try to imagine I doing right. Thanks Fred for making it all look so easy and stylish, we need more folks like you in all walks of life.

Below is just one of his many builds...

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