Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Phil Anselmo Speaks On His New Album, With The Classic Metal Show

As a die hard Down and Pantera fan, just about any project with Phil Anselmo involved I will check out. Never resting on his laurels and forever on the hunt to create new material is what makes the dude so damn good at his job. The releases they put out with Housecore Records are always on point and heavy as can be. Stoked for sure on the new solo project and really wish the tour was coming through our area. 

Dive into Housecore Records

"The master of all things heavy, Philip H. Anselmo, has returned with the very first solo album of his illustrious career. Years of fronting the legendary PANTERA and hard rock titans DOWN have propelled the vocalist to stardom and with 'Walk Through Exits Only,' Anselmo and his backing band, THE ILLEGALS, have created a truly heavy, angry monster that merges the visceral aggression and power of PANTERA with the devastating thrash and Southern sludge that Anselmo and the NOLA scene pioneered. 'Walk Through Exits Only' is an essential metal album from one of the genre's most iconic names!"