Thursday, November 19, 2015

Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age Dedicates All Funds From The Sweet Stuff Foundation To The Victims Of The Paris Terrorist Attack

Good on Josh Homme of the Queens Of The Stone Age and the Eagles of Death Metal for using his foundation to honor the musicians, crew and fans that were killed in Paris during a terrorist attack and donating all money received to them through December 31, 2015. 

"The mission of The Sweet Stuff Foundation is to help our musical community and their families with the vital elements often overlooked during periods of illness and disability. Things like transportation to medical treatment, assistance with childcare and tuition, income assistance, the "last wishes" of a lifetime, and special treatments not covered by insurance. The healing power of music is also a vital form of preventative medicine. That's why the Sweet Stuff Foundation's two prong approach is also committed to providing assistance for music lessons, instruments, and musical collaborations for children. To help foster an atmosphere of creativity & introduce a healthy outlet via music, so that the "Sweet Stuff' will continue for generations to come."