Saturday, February 4, 2017

Curio's Latest Album, "Tall Tales!"

Rusty Knuckles presents Curio's, latest album, 'Tall Tales.'

'Tall Tales' is a collection of down and dirty, Chicago bastard blues tunes, about bad men & bad luck, inspired by the rags to rags struggles of dreamers and schemers.

It's a record written by outcasts and outsiders, for outcasts and outsiders. Album artwork by Curio bassist, Donovan Foote.

On April 14th, Curio will be raisin' hell at the official 'Tall Tales' release party in Chicago! Check them out if you're in town or about town! They'll be performing at  Reggies!

After that, They'll be in Milwaukee, WI,  April 15th, at Frank's Power Plant (w/ Soda Gardocki & Mikey Classic); and Grand Rapids, MI, on April 22nd ,at Tip Top Deluxe (w/ Mikey Classic).

Curio is a hell-raisin' and soul-shakin' rock n' roll band from Chicago, IL.  Their music is steeped in southern gothic lore by way of the Midwest.  Heavily influenced by the growl of Chicago blues, the low-down and dirty swamp rock of Louisiana and the twang of Tennessee country, Curio conjures a sound that has as many influences as there are miles on I-55 from The Windy City to The Big Easy.  Chris Pluska and his band of wayward gamblers have been playing to crowds at juke joints, dives and clubs since 2009.  Curio's live show has the fervent energy of a backwoods revival and the no-holds-barred attitude of a bar brawl.  Their records are love letters to the bastards, brawlers, vagabonds, and believers who've shaped American folklore for better or for worse.  Curio's tales have been described as 'Midwest murder ballads' that depict the timeless narrative of wrong-doing and temptation.  
Chicago has historically been home to some of the most notorious cheats as well as tough-as-nails workin' folk and Curio walks the line between the rogue waltz of Prohibition-era bootleggers and the brute tenacity of the old Union Stock Yards butchers.  Like their name implies, Curio is a collection of oddities whose sound has been weathered over the years.
Chris Pluska - Vocals / Guitar
Tommy Kamka - Guitar
Donovan Foote - Bass
Taylor Dunlap - Drums
"Curio's unique voodoo sound is a melding of edgy rock n' roll and homegrown southern blues." - Music Garage Chicago
"Eerie, transcendent rock n' roll" - Illinois Entertainer
“Chris’s music [has] a Voodoo kind of feel.” – Apocalypse Cow
“Interesting and creative musical style/approach. It’s dark and eerie, but has interesting and appealing elements.” – Billboard