Sunday, October 19, 2008

More work on the Honda cb650

As the build lurches forward or at this stage, tear down, repair and reweld, its been slow going. Trying to find all the parts I need has been tough. The parts are available but 3-4 different companies carry similar parts all at vastly different prices. Trying to keep a tight budget for the build as the bike only cost $300. The 650 also wasn't as common so a few things I simply cannot find, such as the paper gaskets on top of all 4 carburetors. Going to have to check the 750's carb sizes for similar gaskets or if need be custom make them. Either way a pain in the ass on that part. Hopefully for the engine tear down I won't run into too many issues but we shall see.

Here are a few photos of some axle adjuster brackets I am making. The ones I have are slightly bent but still work great. Hoping to trick these out a bit after I get the basic shape configured and polished out giving them some style.

I am not trying to recreate the entire flow of the bike but to alter the lines slightly and change up its posture to a cafe/chop hybrid. I want this to be a comfortable bike to run around town on and to do small trips with. Currently working on the new sheet metal for the tail end and figuring out a battery mount with room for a small stash box for tools.