Monday, November 3, 2008

Cutting down a trailer fender

In my pursuit of making the honda 650 cooler, I needed to create a custom rear fender. With lots o' measurements I figured that some labor and a $30 blank fender from Northern Tool could do the trick. I opted on a 32" inch long fender by 9" wide. With the longer fender I would be able to cut off the section I did't need and still allow for the correct radius and arc to get the style I am after.

Not having a plasma cutter I also had to devise a no budget jig to cut a straight line on a radius. I made a quick little jig out of scrap wood and it worked out great with my 4.5" grinder and cut off wheel. Once I got the fender cut and sized to the dimensions needed I tig welded the two sections together and pounded out a few areas on the anvil to give it a bit more curve. After I smooth out the fender a bit more on the top with some grinding and sanding, I need to add a few curved side panels. They will act as my fend struts and fill in some the negative space between the tire and the back of the top panel of the fender. Then the fender will be mounted to the swing arm. Not sure how I am going to mount the fender just yet. Weighing a few options and seeing how the final fender will look at first.