Friday, May 29, 2009

Rebuilding cams with new tensioners

Had to tear down the bike to get ready for a trip and an overall 30k maintenance and damn did this take some time. Harley had a service warning on their cam chain tensioners about the chain digging into the tensioner. I bought the parts a while back but just kept putting off the rebuild. thankfully I did it just in time before a road trip as the tensioners had already exploded and there was just enough material left before the chains dug into the metal turning my beloved dyna into heaping mess requiring an entire engine overhaul Had to buy $100 bucks in tools and another $170 in parts and opted to stay with the tensioners instead of going with the gear driven cams simply due to cost. The gear driven cams will cost about $650 and then if a shop was to put it together, tack on close to a grand in service work, screw that hombre! The upgraded tensionsers are supposed to be of a higher quality material so we shall see. Bike sounded good when I fired it up, now a test ride tomorrow to check for random engine rattle or noise, but should be good.