Saturday, June 13, 2009

Finally, a movie about Lemmy!

this is such a welcome sight to see, about damn time. Will never forget the night that Motorhead played the club I used to work at in San Francisco, the Great American Music Hall. One of the opening bands for which I can't remember which one it was but I don't think it was either God Forbid or Soil but the other opener which I can't remember. Dude came running up to me from down in the dressing rooms during sound check and telling me that Lemmy stole all their beer. I immediately felt like I saw this person as if they were in the 4th grade crying about the bully stealing their school lunch. Told him there wasn't much I could do and he had to take it up with Lemmy. Then the dude in question decides to confront Mr. Kilmeister about the drinks, the prompt answer he got before he could even finish was "Fuck off, I'm Lemmy". I thought I would shit my pants laughing and then Lemmy then of course sidled up to the bar and got a whiskey before we opened the doors for the show. Of course as it turns out Lemmy brought a 50 gallon cooler off the bus and loaded up all of their drinks, when they were all bullshitting elsewhere. He was super cool with us at the club and a stand up dude. Truly a tale I will laugh about for years to come.