Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Easyriders Rodeo - Wilson, NC

I wish I could say that the Rodeo was a really cool event but it wasn't. My guess is that most of the folks that are true Easyriders mag readers are just an older biker demographic and slowly fading out compared to the energy and enthusiasm at the Cycle Source Big Mountain Run or the Horse's Smokeout. The winter Easyrider shows always bring more folks out, but this show was lacking quality rides for the actual bike show along with one particular individual who tried to be the menacing twin to Paul Sr. of Orange County Choppers. I laughed at that one to no end, damn I should have gotten a photo, damn it! Even better was the guy who entered his softail into the custom show which had all bolt on chrome parts and a crappy lightning paint job, but hey he did enter and that was more than I did with my unfinished projects, haha! The one thing that I did see which truly stuck out to me were the motorcycle tractor pull bikes. Talk about some crazy redneck style engineering. Heavy duty fab work on the rear sections so they don't torque right apart from engine strain or the weight strain of the sled. Was definitely interesting to see in action.