Monday, August 31, 2009

Jay Berndt - Amazing Musician

At times I can be quite jaded about music. I have been going to shows non stop since I was a teenager and I know what I enjoy and what I don't. If its just a cover band or a boring live show I just can't get into it. Always on the constant search for new music I listen to online stations and check out myspace pages to see whats new and bangin'. So one night I decided to check out an old band I really enjoyed named Kilgore outta Providence, RI. The dudes voice just made it all for me. It stood out like no other band at the time and stuck with me for over 10 years. Took a bit of effort but I found their page and then went through the links, low and behold I found their singer's page with some alt country/americana projects he was working on. Well damn, he further cemented his hold over my taste in music for that evening because his tone matched perfectly the format he was playing in. I decided to email him and say just how much I dug the tunes. Almost a year later and we are still chatting just about every other day. Give Jay a listen as he is a musician for the ages. Its timeless and deserves to be heard by the masses, truly a rare gem in American music. He will hopefully putting out his new album this fall. Have a listen to some of his music on the Facebook page.

Jay Berndt - on Facebook