Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Home Depot - Xmas Gift Card

What could be better than a gift card for xmas. Its sort of as if you hit some mini lottery and get to go on a crazy shopping spree, well thats how I like to think of it. Knowing that Home Depot has certain tools, I had to plan my shopping spree accordingly and plotted out a few key items they carry. I am particularly fond of Ridgid tools as I have had a few and they are great quality. Their flexible air hose simply rocks and its 50 feet long, perfect for reaching anywhere in the shop. Also, really needed some mini propane tanks with an easy on/off switch for getting those pain in the ass bolts loose without breaking out an oxy acetylene torch. Or for that matter, the mini propane tanks make for great cigar lighters, haha. A few Dremel diamond edged tips were throw in for good measure as they are needed for some engraving projects. Last but not least are a heavy duty set of metal snips and a leather punch for the random projects that pop up. Special thanks go out to my N'Laws for the gift card. Now if my shop wasn't freezing I would be running downstairs to work on the new build. Damn cold in the dirty south with a garage that isn't heated.