Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Country Music's Newest Artist Management/Music Publishing Company

Texas native Keith Stegall is a long-time legend of Country music. Since the early 1980's, he has secured his reputation as a songwriter and producer. During his musical career he has attained "55 No. 1 hits, 40 million airplays, and 70 million in sales worldwide". He has also worked with such country acts as Alan Jackson, and Zac Brown Band!

Keith Stegall with Alan Jackson at ASCAP
 In 2016, with the help of Scott Miller from Miller Investment Management, Stegall is forming Dreamlined Entertainment Group.

“Dreamlined Entertainment Group will be an artist-driven firm, that caters to talent in the most modern and fluid way possible,” said Stegall in a statement. “Our focus will be on being nimble in making adjustments, and tailoring our approach to individual needs. We are seeking out boundary-testing artists, who are iconic in scope, and impossible to categorize.”  

The Nashville-based company intends to assist in artist development, and music publishing. All the recordings done by artists, signed to Dreamlined Entertainment Group, will be distributed by Caroline International (part of Universal Music Group).

This is truly a great time to start following Stegall on Twitter, whether you are a musician, or just an avid country listener! It will be extremely exciting to see what acts he develops, and recordings he puts out!

SOURCE: Legrand, Emmanuel. "Country Music Veteran Keith Stegall Launches Dreamlined Entertainment Group." Music Week. Accessed February 03, 2016.