Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mazurkiewicz is the Dexter of Heavy Metal Lyrics

The Phoenix New Times did a great story was about the re-resurgence of Death Metal greats, Cannibal Corpse! They are playing this Friday, March 11, at Club Red in Mesa, AZ, and coming to your town soon!!!

"The legendary purveyors of the deepest, darkest, dead body-desecrating music ever created, Cannibal Corpse (of Tampa, Florida by way of Buffalo, New York), are headlining the most completely ridiculous lineup ever with Obituary (also from Tampa); Canada’s heaviest death dealers, Cryptopsy; and Abysmal Dawnfrom Los Angeles opening the show."

"None of the bands on this bill are for the weak at heart, whether you like your death metal played with the technical precision usually reserved for the most intense neurosurgery, or if you like your lyrics to be about neurosurgery gone bad. If hearing a large, sweaty man dressed mostly in black scream about eating a heaping slab of maggot-infused brain matter is not appealing to you, you might want to stay away from Mesa this weekend."

"For Paul Mazurkiewicz, who plays drums for Cannibal Corpse, and is a founding member of the band, this tour is all about getting out there and delivering a great show for the fans regardless of whether you call it metal, “death” metal, or something else."

 “On this tour, we’re all extreme heavy metal bands. Maybe it’s easier to call it that. We all do extreme forms of metal,” Mazurkiewicz says."

"In fact, as the principal lyricist for the band, which also features George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher on vocals, Alex Webster on bass, Pat O’Brien on guitar, and Rob Barrett on guitar, all of Mazurkiewicz’s lyrics come from the recesses of his own mind and are not influenced by other bands at all"

“I’m in a great position for [writing lyrics] because I don’t listen to anything else. I don’t listen to what’s around me in the new sense. I have no idea what half of these bands are doing,” Mazurkiewicz shares. There is something disarming about this, though. To speak to Mazurkiewicz, you might as well be speaking to an accountant. The man on the other end of the phone line speaks in the matter-of-fact tone of someone who would seemingly be more used to working with numbers than drumsticks. He has a style of speaking that features the measured bursts of someone truly accustomed to being interviewed and used to being on the defensive when asked about his lyrics, which are often about the violent removal of organs or someone all too eager to eat some flesh, whether it is dead or alive."

To view more of the Phoenix New Times article, click here!

Reardon, Tom. "Cannibal Corpse Singer Paul Mazurkiewicz Is the Dexter of Heavy Metal Lyrics." Phoenix New Times. 2016.