Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Meet Ryan Almighty, The Man Behind The Blood Portraits On The Brand New 7" Record From Antiseen and He Who Cannot Be Named

Ryan Almighty Blood Portraits On The Brand New 7" Record From Antiseen and He Who Cannot Be Named

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1. Give us a quick view about why you enjoy doing the blood portraits?

Ive always been drawn to portraiture, and years ago when I was a performer (Viktor 44) It wasn't uncommon to incorporate blood into the act. It all just sort of evolved into what I am doing now. I am all about the aesthetics, symbolism, and dynamics of painting in human blood, Its without a doubt a passion and perhaps even a calling.

2. How does punk rock influence your art?

I was an outcast in a small town growing up, never fit in, nor did I want to, I found punk rock and art at an early age and used both as coping tools to get me through a fairly miserable hand I was dealt in the card-game of life. Kind of developed the philosophy: "If you cant join 'em, beat 'em" and developed a taste for provocation. Ive learned to stay true to myself and not worry about if my decisions in art are provocative or offensive to the status quo, and if that aint punk rock I dont know what is. Because of that it has become a goal to paint a lot of punk rock portraits utilizing the performers blood. Lets face it, life is temporary and in 20-50 years when my subjects and I are only a memory the fact that the paintings remain will be leaving relics of our little slice of time/(sub)culture.

3. What makes this medium a challenge? (Raw material, health issues, sourcing, preservation of original art, etc)

The challenge is the fact that I'm using a medium that is very dangerous, Hepatitis is NO joke and can obviously be fatal. This is not a style of painting to be taken lightly or experimented with as a hobby. IT CAN KILL YOU if you're not careful. Which is why I go to great lengths to keep collectors and clients safe. I go to great lengths to see to it that the only person whos heath is at risk from my work is me, and I am VERY careful. I not only treat/coat the paintings for the sake of preservation, but quarantine them until there is no risk of the piece still contracting active blood born pathogens, and of course  seal the pieces behind glass.  I actually had to prove the public safety of my artwork when the local government of Jamestown NY (my home town) raided my studio and threatened to do the same of my home. However despite the witch-hunt my stance with the pencil pushers and critics have always been... "If we piss you off that's just TOUGH FUCKING SHIT" - GG ALLIN

4. Who would you enjoy doing portraits of in the future?

I would love to paint any/all of the artists, performers, musicians that have gotten me through the tough times, Who come to mind at the moment are IGGY POP, JOHN WATERS, JOHN LYDON, and JOE COLEMAN, however there are so many more..

5. Who are some of your influences in tattooing and illustration?

For tattooing I am drawn to artists with a flair for the morbid like Paul Booth, Bob Tyrell, and Tim Kern, however with my blood art and my title of "Professional Weirdo" I am more drawn to philosophy rather than craftsmanship for the most part, so I would have to say my influences are P.T. BARNUM, ROBERT RIPLEY, GG ALLIN, and ANDY WARHOL.