Tuesday, October 4, 2016

“All Things Hard, Harsh & Heavy” - Show Listings, on the HEAVIER Side, Throughout North Carolina

Music ranging from punk to hardcore, metal to metalcore, grind to doom, and goth to industrial!

This is a list of all shows and events across NC, spanning from Wilmington to Asheville!

Oct 02 -Russian Circles, Helms Alee /Motorco(D)
            -Skankfest Sunday Matinee: Regatta 69, Konrad Kuechenmeister, The Spectacles, High & Mighties,
             SiBANNAC /Cat’s Cradle(CH/C)
            -Blind Path Booking presents: Fall River Massacre, Filth, Lordis, Hounds, Sustenance, From Wrath To Ruins
             /The DHP(F)
            -Crank It Loud presents: Alestorm, Nekrogoblikon, Aether Realm /Arizona Pete’s(G)
            -Coheed and Cambria, Saves the Day, Polyphia /The Orange Peel(A)
Oct 03 -Saint Vitus, The Skull, Witch Mountain, Demon Eye /Kings Barcade(R)
            -Crank It Loud presents ‘To Hell With the Devil 30th Anniversary’ tour: Stryper /The Throne Theater(W)
            -5&10 Entertainment presents: Sevendust(rescheduled show), Crobot, AuxiliA, Halden Vang
             /Amos’ Southend(C)
            -The Noise presents ‘The Unbreakable’ tour: Parkway Drive, We Came As Romans, Counterparts
             /The Fillmore(C)
Oct 04 -Disturbed, Chevelle, Nothing More /Red Hat Amphitheater(R) 
            -To Hell With the Devil 30th Anniversary tour: Stryper, Loretta Jett /Amos’ Southend(C)
            -Anthrax, Death Angel /The Orange Peel(A)
Oct 05 -Svetlands(RU),GASH, KIFF /The Maywood(R)
            -Bloodshed For All tour 2016: Wednesday 13, One Eyed Doll, Fractured Fairytales /Amos’ Southend(C)
            -Journeys presents ‘The Made To Destroy‘ tour: Pierce the Veil, Neck Deep, I Prevail /The Fillmore(C)
Oct 06 -Crank It Loud presents: Neck Deep, TBA / The Throne Theater (formerly Ziggy’s by the Sea)(W)
            -ANTiSEEN, Svetlanas, Hammerlock /The Milestone(C)
            -Legends Of the Fall tour: August Burns Red, ERRA, (silentplanet), Make Them Suffer /The Orange Peel(A)
            -Filth, Lordis /The Odditorium(A)
Oct 07 -Clutch, Zakk Sabbath, Kyng /Lincoln Theatre Street Stage(R)
            -Primitive Ways presents: Necrocosm, Deathcrown, Pathogenesis, Origin Of Disease /The Maywood(R)
            -Rubbish, Blackball, Essex /Sound Factory(C)
            -Fractured Fairytales, Betray Your Own, Take Heart, Decibel 9, A Breath Forgotten, Verrat /The Rock Shop(F)
            -AEG presents Legends Of the Fall tour: August Burns Red, ERRA, (silentplanet), Make Them Suffer
             /Amos’ Southend(C)
            -Birds In Row, Frameworks, Listener, Carbon, Violent Gods /The Milestone(C)

Oct 08 -Legends Of the Fall tour: August Burns Red, ERRA, (silentplanet), Make Them Suffer /Lincoln Theatre(R)
            -Kiss the Curse(CD release), Something Clever /The Maywood(R)
            -Birds In Row, Frameworks, Listener /The Garage(WS)
            -Single Cell Productions presents “Purgatory 72: Cirque Du Strange” A goth industrial dance party with
             DJ’s, Live Performance’s, Dungeon Area, Fetish Demos and Venders /Amos’ Southend(C)
            -Warboys, Self-Made Monsters, Zodiac Panthers, Street Clones /The Milestone(C)
            -The Vox Populi tour 2016: Bad Religion, Aginist Me, Dave Hause /The Fillmore(C)
Oct 09 -Crank It Loud presents ‘The Hell In the Hallways’ tour: Ice Nine Kills, Secrets, Sylar, Cover Your Tracks,
             Out Came the Wolves, Exiles /Green Street Live(G)
Oct 10 -Blind Path Booking presents: The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Traitors, Spite, Peacekeepers, Attaching the Fall,
             HEFT /The DHP(F)
Oct 11 -Mouth of the Architect, Netherlands, Zvi, GROHG /Kings Barcade(R)
            -Primitive Ways presents: Without Waves, Anamorph (after party for Mouth of the Architect show)
             /Neptune’s(downstairs of Kings)(R)
            -Cinemechanica, Sola Halos, Wailin’ Storms /Cat’s Cradle-Back Room(CH/C)
Oct 12 -Primitive Ways presents: Shadows, Drunk On the Regs, Death Metal Pope, The Dick Richards,
             90oz Therapist /Slim’s Downtown(R)
            -Such Great Heights, Favelas, Tyler Frey /The Milestone(C)
Oct 13 -Crank It Loud presents ‘The Mothership Tour’: Dance Gavin Dance, The Contortionist, Hail the Sun,
             Good Tiger /The Cats Cradle(C/CH)
Oct 14 -Halfway To Halloween: Attala, Extinction Level Event, Promo, MechaBull /The Maywood(R)
            -Fantastic Plant album 20th Anniversery tour: Failure, TBA /Green Street Live(G)
            -Bad Seed Rising, Islander /Hooligans(J)
            -Akris, Horseflesh, I Am Godot /The Odditorium(A)
Oct 15 -Primitive Ways presents: Priapus, Vermin Womb, Lesser Life, Basura /Slim’s Downtown(R)
            -An evening with Henry: Henry Rollins spoken word /The Orange Peel(A)
            -Blitch, Spearfinger,  My Seven Mouths /The Odditorium(A)
Oct 16 -An evening with Henry: Henry Rollins spoken word /The Carolina Theater(D)
            -Johnny ‘Cutt Promotions presentsDie Mother Fucker Die’ reunion tour: Dope, FLAW, Motograter,
             Against Their Will, Waking Tera, Fall River Massacre /The Rock Shop(F)
-Crank It Loud presents: Kataklysm, Carach Angren, Daedalvs, Gladiator(NC)/Arizona Pete’s(G)
            -He Is Legend, Space Wizard, Green Friend, Violent Life Violent Death /The Milestone(C)
Oct 17 -Fury Tour 2016: Soilwork, Unearth, Battlecross, Wovenwar, Darkness Divided /The Cat’s Cradle(CH/C)
            -Crank It Loud presents ‘Straight Out Of Hell’ tour: Whitchapel, Suicidal Silence, Carnifex, Oceano
             /Arizona Pete’s(G)
            -Daikaju, Nermal, Kortriba /The Odditorium(A)
Oct 18 -Court Of Owls, Footage of a Yeti, Arborlea, Vices and Vessels, Remembrance /The Milestone(C)
            -An evening with Henry: Henry Rollins spoken word /McGlohan Theatre(C)
            -The Noise presents ‘The Choas Tour’: Attila, Chelsea Grin, Emmure, Sylar /The Underground(C)
Oct 20 -Primitive Ways presents: Iron Gag, Pallor, Life Alert, TBA /NY Pizza(G)
            -Kaiors, AuxiliA, Shadows of Decceit, Dragged by the Neck /The Milestone(C)
Oct 21 -Corrosion Of Conformity, A.S.G. and others /Dorton Arena State Fair(R)
            -Blind Path Booking presents: Take Heart, Dissent, Garland Greene, Down To This, Terra Sick /The DHP(F)
            -The Crows Nest presents: Written In Gray, Black Ritual, Dogdaze, Bone Shelter /Test Pattern(WS)
            -Jucifer, A Bottle Volcanic, The Reefie’s /Reggie’s 42nd St. Tavern(W)
            -Black Cat Attack, The Anti-Queens, No Anger Control, Aloha Broha, Minimums /The Milestone(C)
            -Broad River Nightmare, Thundering Herd, Built On the Ruins /The Odditorium(A)
Oct 22 -Earlfest: The Gray, Snake& The Plisskens, Machinegun Earl, KIFF, The Chemical Lizards /The Maywood(R)
            -Rise Up Tour: The Devil Wears Prada, Memphis May Fire, Silverstein, Like Moths To Flames /The Ritz(R)
            -5&10 Entertainment presents: Lydia Can’t Breath, TBA /The Wizard(H)
            -A.S.G., Green Fiend, The Seduction, Violent Life Violent Death /The Rabbit Hole(C)
            -Negative Standers, TBA /The Odditorium(A)
Oct 25 -Old Codger, Die Choking, Department Of Corrections, Skuz /Slim’s Downtown(R)
            -Friends As Enemies, Sparrows, Ornaments, Magnolia /Kings Barcade(R)
            -PUP, Cayetana, Chastity /Local 506(CH/C)
            -The Noise presents ‘The Aggressive’ tour: Beartooth, Every Time I Die, Fit For a King, Old Wounds
             /The Underground(C)
Oct 26 -Hatebreed, Devildriver, Devil You Know /Cat’s Cradle(CH/C)
            -Crank It Loud presents: Toothgrinder, Auras, Moon Tooth, Gladiator(NC) /The DHP(F)
            -GWAR, No Labels Fit, American Americans, Monkeyknifefight /The Throne Theater(W)
            -Amos’ Special Farwell Event: Genitorturers, DJ Spider /Amos’ Southend(C)
            -Stella Blue presents: The Hooten Hallers, TBA /The Odditorium(A)
Oct 27 -SOON AD, Must Be the Holy Ghost, Spirt System /Neptunes(R)
Oct 28 -The Hell No(album release party), Walpyrgus, The Seduction /Slim’s Downtown(R)
            -B Rocka Halloween Show: Steller Circuits, Aeonic, Seven Letter /The Maywood(R)
            -The Independents, Pleasures of the UV, Electric Phantom /The Odditorium(A)
Oct 29 -Primitive Ways presents: Genocide Pact, Chateau, Gorbash, Life Alert /Kings Barcade(R)
            -Halloween Show: Datura, Chaosmic, Broadslab /The Maywood(R)
            -Crank It Loud presents: Vanna, Capsize, To the Wind, Safehaven, Unicron /Local 506(CH/C)
            -Crank It Loud presents: Touche Amore, Tiny Moving Parts, Culture Abuse /Ziggy’s by the Sea(W)
            -DOOMfest 2016: Peacekeepers, Live For What Last, Repressed, Heft, Born Sick, From Wrath To Ruins,
             The Payne Road Tragedy, Our Dying Sun, Tharsis, Our Creation, Antenora /The Mass Grave(Wilkesboro)
Oct 30 -Turnstile, Angle Du$t, Big Bite, Krimewatch, Fury /Green Street Live(G)
Oct 31 -Crank It Loud presents: Touche Amore, Tiny Moving Parts, Culture Abuse /Neighborhood Theatre(C)
            -BMMP Halloween Metal Fest
Nov 01 -Kayo Dot /Neptunes(R)
             -Primitive Ways presents: Cognitive, Antenora /The Cave(CH/C)
             -Blind Path Booking presents: Sparrows, Lesser Men, TBA /The DHP(F)
             -Sonic Avenues, Steven Adamyk, Band, Zodiac Panthers /Reggie’s 42nd St Tavern(W)
             -Umbra, Surgeon, Lord Almighty, Moynoq /The Milestone(C)
Nov 02 -Blind Path Booking presents: Cognitive, Beshiba, Shrine /The DHP(F)
             -The Grey Eagle presents: The Goddam Gallows, Gallows Bound, Stump Tail Dolly /The Monthlight(A)
Nov 03 -Cognitive, TBA /The Station(C)
Nov 04 -Sublime with Rome, The Skints /Green Field Lake Amphitheater(W)
             -Scythia, The Seduction, Avalon Steel, Knightmare, Good Good Grief /The Milestone(C)
Nov 05 -Sublime with Rome, The Skints /The Ritz(R)
             -Trash Talk, Antwon, Black Noise /Motorco(D)
             -SiriusXM’s Octane presents: The Popestar tour 2016: Ghost, Marissa Nadler /The Fillmore(C)
Nov 06 -The Delta Bombers, TBA /The Pour House(R)
             -Sonata Arctica, Leaves’ Eyes, Omnium Gatherum /The Fillmore(C)
Nov 07 -SiriusXM’s Octane presents: The Popestar tour 2016: Ghost, Marissa Nadler /The Ritz(R)
             -TOMBS, Wolvhammer, GROHG /Local 506(CH/C)
Nov 08 -Andrew W.K.-The Power Of Partying: Speaking tour /The Arts Center(CH/C)
Nov 09 -Primitive Ways presents: Bask, Bleak, Trudge /Slim’s Downtown(R)
Nov 12 -Dillinger Escape Plan, O’Brother, Cult Leader, Car Bomb, A Boy Named Sue / The Throne Theatre(W)
             -5&10 Entertainment presents: Oblivious Signals, TBA /The Wizard(H)
Nov 14 -Crank It Loud presents: Carcass, Deafheaven, Inter Arma /The Throne Theatre(W)
Nov 15 -NIHIL, Violent Gods, Kairos /The Milestone(C)
             -Evanescence, TBA /The Underground(C)
             -Carcass, Deafheaven, Inter Arma /The Orange Peel(A)
Nov 16 -Primitive Ways presents: Eldritch Horror, Occultist, Noctomb, Suppressive Fire /Kings Barcade(R)
             -Crank It Loud presents ‘Abysmal Predator’ tour: The Black Dali Murder, Napalm Death, Power Trip,
              Abnormality /Arizona Pete’s(G)
 -Helmet, Local H /The Visulite Theatre(C)
Nov 17 -Primitive Ways presents: Greaver, Nihil, Extinction Level Event /Slim’s Downtown(R)
             -Helmet, Local H /Motorco(D)
             -Earworm, Black Fleet, Green Friend /The Milestone(C)
             -Crank It Loud presents ‘Face To Face’ tour: Our Last Night, Hands Like Houses, The Color Moral,
              Out Came the Wolves /Neighborhood Theatre(C)
Nov 18 -The Kyle Perkins Band, Aloha Broha, Farwell Albatross, Fire Marshall Bill, Amity Pointe /The Milestone(C)
             -Youth Authority tour: Good Charlotte, The Story So Far, Big Jesus, Hit the Lights /The Fillmore(C)
Nov 19 -Youth Authority tour: Good Charlotte, The Story So Far, Big Jesus, Hit the Lights /The Ritz(R)
             -Crank It Loud presents ‘10 Years In the Black’ tour: Asking Alexandria, Born Of Osiris, I see Stars,
              After the Burial, Upon a Burning Body, Bad Omens /Amos’ Southend(C)
Nov 20 -Room 13 Productions presents: Bent Life, Lost Souls, Society Suckers, Red Visions
              /Morning Glory Coffee House(W)
Nov 21 -Peter Hook & The Light, performing Substance: Joy Division and New Order /The Orange Peel(A)
Nov 22 -Peter Hook & The Light, performing Substance: Joy Division and New Order /Cat’s Cradle(CH/C)
Nov 26 -Crank It Loud presents ‘The Retrograde Tour’: Crown the Empire, Blessthefall, New Years Day,
              Too Close To Touch, Light Up the Sky /Green Street Live(G)
             -Carriage, Nemesis, KRVSADE, Morganton /The Milestone(C)
Nov 28 -Blind Path Booking presents ‘The Blackened Earth’ tour: Cruel Hand, Lifeless, JOY, Varials, Near Death,
              Paid In Full /The DHP(F)
             -The Astonishing Live tour: Dream Theater /Ovens Auditorium(C)
Nov 30 -Primitive Ways presents: Fleshgod Apocalypse, Arkona, The Agonist, Aether Realm, Raphuemet’s Well
              /Kings Barcade(R)
             -Red Fang, Torche, Whores /Motorco(D)
Dec 03 -ANTiSEEN, TBA /Local 506(CH/C)
             -Farewell Tour: For Today, Norma Jean, My Epic /The Underground(C)
Dec 04 -Johnny ‘Cutt Promotions and 5&10 Entertainment presents: (hed)PE, Kiss the Curse, Death Of Uriah
            -Crank It Loud presents ‘Overdose’ tour: The World Alive, Volumes, Islander, Invent Animate
             /Amos’ Southend(C)
Dec 05 -The Astonishing Live tour: Dream Theater /DPAC(D)
Dec 08 -WolvesX4, Burns Like Fire, South Side Punx, Minimums /The Milestone(C)
Dec 11 -Earthless, TBA /Kings Barcade(R)
Dec 14 -The Noise presents ‘I Worship Choas’ tour: Children Of Bodom, Abbath, Exmortus, Oni
              /Neighborhood Theater(C)
Jan 21 -Jackyl(last show at Amos), TBA /Amos Southend(C)
Mar 06 -Overkill, Nile, Amorphis, Swallow the Sun /The Fillmore(C)
Apr 10 -Primitive Ways presents: Negura Bunget, Mo’ynoq, TBA /Kings Barcade(R)
Apr 22 -Y&T, TBA /Lincoln Theatre(R)

                                            (R)-Raleigh                                       (D)-Durham       
                                            (CH/C)-Chapel Hill/Carrboro        (G)-Greensboro
                                            (F)-Fayetteville                                 (WS)-Winston Salem
                                            (T)-Thomasville                                (M)-Murfreesboro                                                          (J)-Jacksonville                                 (W)-Wilmington              
                                            (C)-Charlotte                                     (A)-Asheville
                                            (H)-Hickory                                       (S)-Salisbury