Monday, November 7, 2016

Heavyweight 8 Ounce Leather Tool Bag For Your Motorcycle, from Rusty Knuckles

Heavyweight 8 Ounce Leather Tool Bag For Your Motorcycle, from Rusty Knuckles
For a long time we had been plotting on our own style of tool bag. We wanted a clean and classic design that could compliment any bike with flowing lines and choice style. Our concept is based on numerous sketches and going through our own tools to find the right dimensions and fork widths. These bags were made to fit wide glide, narrow glide, sissy bars, attached to the frame or a variety of other options due to the flexibility on how they are mounted with heavy duty zip ties.

The leather we use is a shoulder hide that comes in 8 oz weight and the options are currently for Chestnut Brown, Dark Brown, Black and Ox Blood Red. We do have some customization options on these bags, so get in touch with us. The D Rings are a great compliment to the bag as buckles tend to rattle and this is a quick cinch solution to strapping tight and rolling. Each bag is hand cut, riveted and sewn in our shop to insure the highest quality and made right here in North Carolina. If you ever have an issue with our bags ripping or tearing, send it back and we will fix for free as we stand behind our quality. 

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Instead of leather straps that might stretch, we use an "X" pattern with heavy weight zip ties for best bag placement

Solid nickel plated steel D Rings for quick adjustment and tightening down and burnished edges for a great finish.

Two solid leather straps that for solid attachment and staying tight while flying down the highway

Ample carrying room for the tool bag which measures 10.5" wide by 6" tall and 4.5" inches deep