Thursday, January 12, 2017

ANTiSEEN, "We're Number One" Album Review

Scumfeast Metal 666, recently reviewed ANTiSEEN's latest album, "We're Number One." 
Check out what they had to say below!

"What can You say?  Mighty Joe Young is gone.  It was devastating to the bands, his friends family & fans and most including myself. I could not imagine ANTiSEEN without Joe. At the same time after all these years I certainly could not imagine a world without ANTiSEEN. Joe was as unique as they come in rock n roll. His sound was as important to ANTiSEEN as Jeff Clayton's vocals. The two things that stayed consistent for 30 plus years as a band.  He was loved by the fans and a lot of other people.  RIP Joe. You are still missed. But Ya know. One of the things that makes ANTiSEEN who they are. They don't stop. they don't quit or give up. They continue doing what they do."

"So Here We go. Mad Brother Ward (Russ Ward) Replaced Joe. ANTiSEEN fans and friends already knew him for ages. He had already been with the band for years as Merch guy, Roadie, Guitar tech, etc. His band had played many shows with them. It was the natural thing to do. Joe would not have wanted the band to stop. And He would be pleased an old friend filled His shoes."

"So whats it sound like?  Great of course. Ward's guitar sound is not a lot different then Joe's. But He does add His own twist too it and that's what us fans want. Gotta have that buzz-saw feedback drenched eardrum wrecking sledgehammer guitar sound or its not ANTiSEEN. If anything the bands a little tighter at this point. Sir Barry Hannibal on bass & vocals. The Gooch on drums. This band is strong. First song "Fight Like Apes" is hard and fast. My personal favorite is "LO-FI"  . Yeah I know How He feels.  Its only a EP and on vinyl only. Comes with a download card.  Killer packaging. Record collector nerds need this. Just for the packaging, Colored vinyl !! A Limited release with a incredible comic book included. Wow this is one cool record. Get them while they are hot. This will be very collectible fairly soon. So Yeah if You are a ANTiSEEN fan. You already know, probably already got it. If You are not a ANTiSEEN fan? Well you probably just don't understand real rock n roll, real underground integrity, real punk rock or hardcore or extreme music in general. This stuff is real."