Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Downloaded, The Feature Film About Napster To Premiere At SXSW 2013

"In 1998 Shawn Fanning, a teenage hacker and programmer, created the code that would become the basis for all peer-to-peer file sharing. In 1999, Fanning and his business partner, fellow teenager Sean Parker, launched the file-sharing service Napster. And what had begun as a largely unknown underground distribution medium erupted into a full-blown global revolution.

Downloaded explores this revolution from its genesis to its peak, and explains Napster's downfall. 'It's about the music and the bands, the fans and the moguls, and the brilliant young minds that ignited the biggest youth revolt since Alan Freed hit the radio,' says director Alex Winter."

Downloaded - SXSW 2013 Accepted Film from SXSW on Vimeo.