Friday, January 25, 2013

Should Lane Splitting Be Legal Everywhere?!

No matter which way you shake it, lane splitting tends to bother folks in cars. This could be due to all the distractions of cell phones, radios, automatic transmissions and potentially biggest of all, not having ever ridden a motorcycle. Luckily most other countries around the world and one state in the US, California, allow for lane splitting to be done in a legal and safe maner. 

After spending quite a few years in California and having to deal with mass amounts of traffic, lane splitting was an absolute necessity and made motorcycle traffic flow with ease. When on two wheels you have to drive offensively, not defensively and riding the paint, creates a safety buffer for motorcycles to be seen. The video below is quite informative and it would be great to see other states take the initiative in allowing for motorcycles to have more safe areas to traverse traffic.