Monday, January 27, 2014

Rory Kelly - Lay To Waste - Video Teaser

Rory Kelly is making damn sure the world knows him about and his upcoming album due out this spring
Earlier this month we jetted out to the mountains to shoot a new video with Rory Kelly as he is preparing to drop a stellar new album and will be touring far and wide this spring. In late May, he will then fly over to Europe and do a three week hot lap conquering more territory and laying to waste all stages in his path. 

Check out a sneak peak of the new video and some still shots, stay thirsty my friends...

Cruising the back roads to pick up his band mates
A rare break while shooting or just a 6 am shoot time?
Remember that band Crank County Daredevils?
1971 Dodge Duster doing what she was meant to do