Monday, January 6, 2014

Rusty Knuckles 2014 Album Releases

Rusty Knuckles Music 2014 lineup
If you are going to kick the door in, be prepared with backup. Folks, we have that in absolute spades with the amount of talent and dedicated rabble rousers within the ranks dropping new albums this year. Not only are there new projects being finished up by Rory Kelly, Flat Tires, Hellbound Glory, Husky Burnette, Jay Berndt and the Green Lady Killers, but have a read below on the killer bands that are putting out albums with us.

Its a damn honor to work with such a hard working and talented group of misfits.

Rusty Knuckles Music 2014 Releases
(not in any particular order for release date)

• Crank County Daredevils / Buzzoven - Split 7" Record
• Husky Burnette - Acoustic EP
• Flat Tires - new full length being recorded with Joe Queer
• Rory Kelly - new full length
• Hellbound Glory - new EP 
• Jay Berndt & The Orpans - new full length featuring horn section from E-Street Band
• The Green Lady Killers - new full length
• Peewee Moore - new full length
• Buzzoven - catalog re-releases
• Bloodwitch - new full length
• The Go Devils - new full length
• Dripping Slits - Catalog Re-Release, new full length
• K. Lloyd - Buzzoven frontman's new solo full length featuring Jimmy Bower of Down and Brian Patton of Eyehategod and Soilent Green

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The fire and the fury that is Buzzoven has found a new home at Rusty Knuckles Music
Buzzov*en was a sludge metal band from North Carolina, formed in 1989 by the remaining members of Sewer Puppet by guitarist/vocalist Kirk Fisher (often credited on releases as "Reverend Dirtkicker"). The band was known for being one of the founders of the sludge genre (after Eyehategod), and also for their out-of-control and violent live shows. The band in its early days toured heavily around the United States and built up a cult following leading up to the release of their first full-length, To a Frown, in 1993, which caught the attention of Roadrunner Records, who released the band's second album Sore in 1994. The band was dropped by Roadrunner, and from then on have gone through several periods of being split-up and reformed, with the only constant member having been Kirk Fisher. Dave Collins who now heads sludge legends Weedeater and Ramsey has gone on to join fellow sludgers Sourvein.

Bloodwitch is set to release the album "Tell Your God To Ready For Blood"

BLOODWITCH, the Boston/Providence-based band featuring current members of SEEMLESS and former members of KILGORE. According to the band's official bio, "BLOODWITCH was formed in 2007 by SEEMLESS guitarists Pete Cortese and Jeff Fultz. Pete had begun writing songs for their anticipated third album and found that many of the tunes just didn't fit right for SEEMLESS. What had emerged was a combination of influences from the golden age of British heavy metal, the early style of Bay Area thrash metal, the boogie of AC/DC and ZZ TOP, with the dual guitar harmonies of THIN LIZZY. With the quality of songwriting, Cortese was able to enlist ex-KILGORE vocalist Jay Berndt and ex-KILGORE drummer Bill Southerland into the fold. Rounding out the five-piece is producer and keyboard player for Worcester metal band FROZEN, Pete Rutcho on bass guitar."

BLOODWITCH music focuses on Berndt's lyrical interpretation of a war-hungry society and the band's modern delivery of classic metal. Stay tuned for the new album entitled
"Tell Your God To Ready for Blood".

The Go Devils
The Go Devils will be releasing a stellar album in mid 2014 with Rusty Knuckles Music
The Go Devils create a unique and original infusion of roots, rockabilly, punk, country, swing, and psychobilly." Heartfelt and profound lyrics and top notch song writing are showcased along side music that is melodic and driving, high energy and catchy as hell." Running strong for 4 years and blazing a trail throughout the southeast, This power trio are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the developing underground roots music scene, and offer a spectacle of a live show that you would be sorry you missed. Coming to a town near you... If not, ask and ye shall receive!

Peewee Moore
Country music troubadour Peewee Moore joins Rusty Knuckles for 2014
Since July 2007 Peewee Moore has honed a rigid reputation, and following playing over 200 shows a year in more than 100 U.S. Cities carrying the torch of 100% Independent Austin Texas Outlaw Country!

Peewee Moore is a self proclaimed Honkytonk / Outlaw Country Singer / Songwriter in the same vein as Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, and Hank Williams. He has been barnstorming around the country with his trio dubbed "Peewee Moore & The Awful Dreadful Snakes" doing an endless string of one night stands from Austin TX to you name it. If you havent caught a show it's your own fault!

Born and raised in the foothills of the Appalachian rainforest just across the TN border in Fort Oglethorpe, GA, Peewee spent most of his time haunting the streets of Chattanooga TN playing many of his first shows in, and around the "Choo Choo" city. Peewee spent the consecutive years making a name for himself as an accomplished picker, and songwriter throughout the Southeast.

With the gift of raw talent, and showmanship Peewee has been fortunate enough to be able to share the stage with several of his hero's, as well as some of outlaw country, Americana, and rockabilly's most well known, and recieved acts such as Billy Joe Shaver, David Allen Coe, Dwight Yoakam, Steve Earle, Charlie Daniels, Junior Brown, Dale Watson, Wayne Hancock, Cowboy Jack Clement, Shooter Jennings, James McMurtry, Chris Knight, Dicky Betts, Pat Green, Cory Morrow, Todd Snyder, Wanda Jackson, Southern Culture On The Skids, Scott H. Biram, Bobby Bare Jr, and countless others.

Dripping Slits
Illinois's bastard sons, the Dripping Slits will bring their dirty rock n' roll to Rusty Knuckles Music in 2014
Formed somewhere between yesterday's hangover and today's buzz, Dripping Slits is a raucous blend of rock 'n' roll method and madness hailing from Middle-of-Nowhere, Illinois that is sure to arouse your senses with an overdose of venomous guitar riffs, thundering percussion, and plenty of gutteral groove and grit.