Sunday, February 2, 2014

Altco Music Announces New Single For Kern Richards

Kern Richards single for "10 More Miles"
We are happy to announce the new Kern Richards video and single "10 More Miles" is officially out of the chute. Kerns music is edgy "California Folk" at is best and I'm not talkin about Peter, Paul and Mary kinda folk either. Kern has found a way to be rough and honest all at he same time . Richards is known for surrounding himself with some heavy hitters both on and off stage , with the likes of Tony Gilkyson (X and Lone Justice), John Bazz (the Blasters) and Mike Barry . His recordings are top notch and his songwriting is nothing less than legitimate. 
He is a rare find in this day of fabricated "Outlaws" and hype-driven posers who do nothing more than look good or rest on the laurels of famous relatives. Kern is the real deal and deserves a good listen. The full release "Anywhere but Home" is slated for digital release in the coming months. This release is sure to raise the bar. The video was directed By Hiroshi Clark and Ewa Wojciak, produced By Ewa Wojciak.Shot in the desert right outside of Los Angeles California it couples great music and great imagery to kick off this release.