Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saturdays Were Made For Leather

Banjo Buck pulling out a freshly bought Ox Blood full hide ready to cut some guitar straps
On any given Saturday, or better yet, make that many days of the week we are cranking out on a plethora of projects. We haven't posted our full process of showing how our custom leather guitar straps come together so this past weekend, we put a full video together and took quite a few photos along the way. 

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Want to see one of our Customer Leather Motorcycle Bags coming together?

Detail on quite a few of our straps laid side by side

Fresh batch of leather ready to be cut up for straps

We just stripped down all the main pieces for varying strap sizes and ready to start assembly.

Seeing a plethora of straps all cut lets us know that customers far and wide have great guitar straps ready for them

Lots of stamping equals lots of cool patterns on the scrap wood

Kitty Barks is readying a batch of our Ox Blood guitar straps for final assembly and shipping

Not a bad days haul for upcoming orders. This is one place where we are allowed to drink on the job