Saturday, June 7, 2014

Maker Faire North Carolina Is A Well Of Inspiration

Maker Faire invaded Raleigh, NC on June 6th
Maybe you are asking yourself, what the hell is Maker Faire? Maybe you already know all about it or have heard of Make Magazine. Anyhow, you are now hearing all about it from us. What it is in a nutshell is a gathering of tinkerers, craftsman and anyone that wants to share their knowledge of DIY building principles and push the boundaries. This type of event left me scratching my head with ideas and thinking on just how we can be a part of it next year. 

Do yourself a favor and dive into the links and become part of this of great cast of characters.

Home made Tesla Coil, this is DIY at its finest.
Dude making custom blown glass

Steampunks were alive and well at the Maker Faire NC
I really enjoy the overtly mechanically designed Steampunk devices

Grab a soundboard, grab a keyboard and add in a mixing board with custom functions = DIY sound machine

DIY sound machines at the ready. Who said all custom gear had to be just for music, what about sound effects!

Further proof that if the power goes out, you can still have a short supply of electricity

Cannot get enough of 3D Printers. Will be investing very soon!
Handibot is the smaller team member in the ShopBot family and was seen here engraving aluminum plate