Monday, September 29, 2014

Custom Guitar Strap To Adorn A Megath Inspired Flying V Guitar

As the orders roll in daily, we are constantly shipping merch to countries, locales and folks far and wide. One of the coolest honors that we ever receive is when we get the chance to do a custom order in which someone wants something very specific. 

On this particular strap we got an email through our Etsy store and Scotty was asking to have one of our black straps done up with antique brass hardware. We quickly emailed back to let him know that it could indeed be done and we would just have to order the right pieces for him. Really stoked to see the type of guitar he was putting it on, along with all the custom airbrush work. Honored to say the least.

Keep on shredding Scotty and crank up that Marshall Stack!!!

Got a custom idea for your guitar strap? Hit us up - ralph.knuckles at gmail

Custom guitar strap for Scotty along with his flying V, Megadeth - Peace Sells wall set up