Monday, September 29, 2014

Racing Through The Streets Of Mexico With All Eyes Watching BJ Baldwin

Monster Energy knows how to direct a video
Dan Bilzerian may be the current most interesting man of mystery, but the real star of this video is the driver BJ Baldwin. They are working to take a page out of Ken Block's Gymkhana videos but this is done with a rally truck and in Mexico. This feels like a video game commercial about to come on at any given second

"What better place than the city streets of Ensenada Mexico, the home of the Baja 1000, to set the stage for the sequel to Ballistic BJ Baldwin's viral hit Recoil. This short film by Monster Energy follows BJ and his 800hp Trophy Truck as he tears through this seaside Mexican city, ripping over every drop and jump the town has to offer in an attempt to win a bet set by his friend, and international playboy Dan Bilzerian. Will he win? What will he lose?"