Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Oddities Collection of Ryan Matthew Cohn

A Kapala skull is a sacred human skull that has been decorated in semi precious stones and metals and used in tantric Buddhist rituals. The skull cap opens and is meant to hold ceremonial offerings such as blood.

Ever check out the show Oddities on the Science Channel? One of the recurring cast members Ryan Matthew Cohn always had a great collection of bones and skulls from the work he creates in osteology. These photos are from his instagram page and many more can be found there and over on his main site, have a look.

Ryan Cohn on Instagram

Ryan Cohn's main website

Shrunken head

Tibetan carved human skull

Antique Tibetan Buddhist Kapala monkey skull

Genuine, early human Tibetan Kapala skull for sale. A kapala (Sanskrit for "skull") or skullcup is a cup made from a human skull used as a ritual implement in both Hindu Tantra and Buddhist Tantra (Vajrayana). This one is in pretty good condition considering its age. The top of the skull flips open so it can be used as a cup or bowl.