Monday, December 1, 2014

Building A Gravity Race Cart From Scrap Parts - Time Lapse

Building A Gravity Race Cart From Scrap Parts - Time Lapse

A challenge is something we personally enjoy, so we decided to build a gravity racing cart from two scrap bicycles and one old go cart. It all started when a co-worked at an old job asked all of us to be part of a community event and we had to build a gravity racing cart to be a part of it. Needless to say, my mind started to run rampant with ideas and also how to do it on little or no budget.

As I researched about what the hell gravity racing actually was, I really started to immerse myself into the ideas and focus on a plan of attack. We needed it to be relatively easy to build and also low to the ground using bicycle tires and rims as they would give us our speed and be readily available.

Finding a decent used go cart frame wasn't too hard either with the help of craigslist so then it was time for the fabrication to start. After buying some steel for the axle fabrication and employing my scrap parts pile, along with the salvaged bikes, things progressed quickly and this here race cart is ready for action. The amazing aspect is that it one every single battle on race day and I can be fully satisfied in knowing that another scrap parts puzzle is completed. Long live DIY folks everywhere!

Watch our time lapse video below

Mopar Rob thinking on front end mock up

Getting the steering knuckles in place

Basic shape of the cart is in place for rear axle setup

Hard to believe that the old bike parts worked so well

Salvaged and scrap parts Cart ready for paint

The final look of the gravity racing cart

Old BMX bike about to go under the knife for surgery and amputation