Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Hennepin Crawler, Built By Krank Boom Clank

The Hennepin Crawler, Built By Krank Boom Clank

Certain builds that we run across forever intrigue us. I guess you could say that we have a soft spot for all that is Steampunk and the artists in this genre such as Ron Pippin. To me the builds in this design motif employ quite a few things pleasing to the eye in the form of brass, copper, leather and a Victorian era design scheme. These varying materials always seem to go together well as they age in a similar manner and start to feel worn in and create a unique patina.

After running across the Hennepin Crawler on I knew we stumbled into other like minded folks. This particular build comes from discarded lawn furniture, scrap wood, old bike parts and various other pieces that could be picked up from your local scrap yard or Habit For Humanity.

Have a look at the build process of this great machine

It could have been at a turn of the century World's Fair, The Hennepin Crawler

The Hennepin Crawler chassis up close

The Hennepin Crawler ready to roll

The Hennepin Crawler as a museum piece