Friday, November 21, 2014

Without An Interesting Story, There Is No Film

New video from Skrillex produced by Ivan Herrera

The magic of film making is absurdly simple. Without an interesting story, there is nothing to shoot. Context, texture, atmosphere, characters and quite a few more elements coming together with a great story, help us to define a moment in time. Having a favorite movie, actor or director is a way for us an individuals to connect to a larger storyline in which we can live out any idea we can place ourselves into. One aspect that brings great viewing satisfaction especially for music videos occurs when a filmmaker takes liberties and builds a narrative out of the context of a story. Shooting a short film scene for scene around lyrics makes a video feel shallow and rehearsed compared to breathing fresh air into an already present storyline.

There are three videos below that mine the well of inspiration and take us on a journey that runs parallel to the music. They could be short films unto themselves, but the addition of the music as the sonic atmosphere allows us to make leaps in our thoughts about understanding the storyline and immersing our psyche into that of the characters.

Today is a day in which we are gazing upon the void and looking at ideas for inspiration and as a way to contextualize the world around us. For finding new and creative videos we tend to dig into the staff picks on Vimeo and then to do random queries on youtube to find new content. Wherever you find new material to help cultivate new ideas, share them with folks you know and pay it forward, enjoy...

Celluloid from ARTJAIL on Vimeo.

Artjail teamed up with acclaimed video artist Marco Brambilla to create this short film that was acquired by Vera Wang and is currently installed in her flagship Beverly Hills store. The installation is an impressive 8 panel wall mounted version that plays as an offset reel of film.

The film was originally shot on Red Camera then effected in Autodesk Flame. We created transitions stitching multiple takes into one seamless clip and digitally hand painted degradation techniques to the footage. Out of the Flame the footage was scanned to 35mm motion picture film, where it was further degraded in multiple passes using bleach and other photo chemical processes. Those results were then loaded back into the flame where we used elements of the multiple degraded film prints to create more specific degradation. The silhouettes and other visual cues were also something handled in Flame.

Director: Marco Brambilla
VFX: Artjail
Creative Director / Lead Flame: Steve Mottershead
Flame / Editor: Beau Dickson
Flame Assist: Ben Vaccaro
Music: Nicolas Jaar

SKRILLEX [F#ck That] by NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

And special thx to The RZA and Cilvaringz for the Wu-Tang blessing
produced by: Ivan Herrera
d.o.p: Justin Brown
editor: Damion Clayton
color: Paul Yacano @ a52
post/ VFX: a52
lead VFX: Andy Bate
sound design/mixing: Mike Franklin @ Beacon st. studios
exec. prod: Justin Benoliel & NABIL The Swordfight & Sigma TV (morocco)

"This song tells a pretty sad story, I didn't feel right about having two guys wailing away on guitars to tell it. The best guy I know for the alternative, meaning making a film rather than a music video is Corin Hardy. He's just amazing and he captured what the song feels like in this. So today we present to you a film of a man becoming lost... Behold the Hurricane." -Brian Fallon, The Horrible Crowes, Gaslight Anthem